How to move ubuntu 9.04 from cd to usb?

Answer Copy all files from the CD to the USB deviceRename the isolinux folder to syslinuxGo inside the syslinux folder and rename isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfgDelete isolinux.binGrab syslinux (save it to C... Read More »

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How to Move From Ubuntu to Mint?

Ubuntu Linux and Linux Mint are both considered to be among the more user-friendly variations of Linux. Mint is based on Ubuntu, bundled with some of the more commonly installed software packages b... Read More »

Are we able to move to Australia My husband, dog and I are looking to move somewhere new from Ohio.?

Immigration to Australia is totally based on your education, work skills and work experience. they have a list of needed occupations and your occupation must be on that list. Start your research ... Read More »

Is your 9 yr old son old enough to say he wants to move to another state with you away from his dad we live in nm and want to move to pa?

Answer You bet he is! Obviously he doesn't want anything to do with his father. It is up to you as his mother to sit down with him, assure it alright to tell you how he feels about his father and t... Read More »

How do I uninstall Windows XP from my netbook and install Ubuntu clean (from an SD card)?

You don't need to uninstall Windows.  Just boot up the computer to your Ubuntu boot media, choose to install it (or run the live version and click on the install link there -- my personal preferen... Read More »