How to move a cookie from one computer to another?

Answer Depends on which browser you're using, as the cookies are stored in different directories depending on the browser. Also, I don't really see a need for doing as you're outlining, as you would be as... Read More »

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How do i move rosetta stone from one computer to another?

Deactivate the ProgramOpen Rosetta Stone. Click the preference button, which is the middle icon at the top right side of the screen. Select "Add or Remove Languages" from the pull-down menu. Choose... Read More »

How to Move Macintosh Mail Messages From One Computer to Another?

Mail is the email client built into Mac OS X. Its simple, uncluttered, ad-free interface makes using Mail simple; the Mail Setup Assistant can quickly configure email accounts from popular web-base... Read More »

Is your 9 yr old son old enough to say he wants to move to another state with you away from his dad we live in nm and want to move to pa?

Answer You bet he is! Obviously he doesn't want anything to do with his father. It is up to you as his mother to sit down with him, assure it alright to tell you how he feels about his father and t... Read More »

How to Move Incredimail Help to Another Computer?

IncrediMail email allows you to add background effects and incorporate your digital photographs into the messages you send. You can choose from a range of emoticons to brighten up your copy and add... Read More »