How to move EVERYTHING from one hard drive to another?

Answer Yes.  It's easily done (although quite time consuming) with cloning software.  My preference is for Paragon Paragon Hard Disk Manager, as it can adjust for a different sized drive as it clones, a... Read More »

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Can I move Windows 7 to another hard drive?

The answer is YES..But its a bit technical..First, your need to identify if your hard drive is an IDE type or SATA before purchasing a new one..Now, assuming that you istalled your NEW hard drive i... Read More »

How to do I move music from a CD to my extrenal hard drive?

If you are using Windows OS:1. plug your external harddrive into the USB port. Windows should automatically detect the harddrive and load the driver.2. insert the CD. If you are using Windows Media... Read More »

How to move an Oracle database from one hard drive to another?

You can move an entire database (ie all data, log and control files) to a different location, but it is a bit tricky. I will email you the instructions directly. I have not done that for quite a w... Read More »

How do I move all my iTunes music to my external hard drive?

1.Open up iTunes.2.Click edit in the top-left corner.3.Choose "Select All" or type Ctrl+A.4.Open up your hard drive and navigate to where you want to put the songs.5.In iTunes click and drag them t... Read More »