How to measure an infant head?

Answer Nothing. Even the best antiviral drugs around today can only slightly reduce the infection time, usually only by a day or two. In 5-10% of children given the antiviral drugs there have been reports... Read More »

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How to Prevent Infant Flat Head?

Positional plagiocephaly, more commonly known as infant flat head, is a concern for many parents. Some cases of misshapen heads are attributed to the trauma of childbirth, but flat spots are mainly... Read More »

Can an infant head change from hydrocephalus?

Yes. Without drainage the head gets very big, and the brain gets very small.

How to Measure the Thickness of a Head Gasket?

Measuring the thickness of a head gasket is the first step in determining the compression ratio of you engine's heads. Compression is the ratio of a cylinder's volume when the piston is at the bott... Read More »

Why does your 8 month old infant constantly grab the back of her head as though it itches?

I'm sorry i don't have an answer, but my 3 month old does the same thing! i will get back if i find anymore info!