How to make youtube videos upload faster?

Answer Change resolution on the new camera to a lower quality.

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How to Make YouTube Videos Load Faster?

After you play a YouTube video what do you do?Watch the videoClear your desk while the video loadsGet up and grab a cup of coffee while the video loadsStare at the monitor while the video loadsIf y... Read More »

How do i upload videos faster on facebook?

when u pull up ur enternet windowclick toolsenternet optionsthendelete filesdelete cookiesclear history(click the arrows till they say 0)then turn of ur enternet windowand try to upload the videoho... Read More »

How to Upload YouTube Videos on PSP?

A PSP can be used for other things than just playing games. With the built-in wireless card, you can browse the Internet, including going to YouTube and watching video right on your PSP. With the P... Read More »

Please help me upload Youtube videos?

When you upload video footage on to YouTube, it immediately compresses and reduces the quality of the video to allow people with all bandwith speeds to be able to view the video. If the quality of ... Read More »