How to make youtube videos upload faster?

Answer Change resolution on the new camera to a lower quality.

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How to Make YouTube Videos Load Faster?

After you play a YouTube video what do you do?Watch the videoClear your desk while the video loadsGet up and grab a cup of coffee while the video loadsStare at the monitor while the video loadsIf y... Read More »

How do i upload videos faster on facebook?

when u pull up ur enternet windowclick toolsenternet optionsthendelete filesdelete cookiesclear history(click the arrows till they say 0)then turn of ur enternet windowand try to upload the videoho... Read More »

How do I upload Youtube videos to my MP3/MP4?

all of the sites listed above probably work,but here's another site you can use anyway: simple and free. just paste the url of the youtube video you want and it will co... Read More »

How to upload Videos to Youtube?

youtube doesn't accept powerpoint files... but windows movie maker can create slideshow/video that youtube accepts...use windows movie maker (included in your windows machine)... it can help you ma... Read More »