How to make youtube channel transparent?

Answer In your Profile Settings is an option that allows you to change the transparency of your YouTube channel. You just need to look good. If you do not have the option to change your channels transpare... Read More »

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Adsense hosted account - mother youtube channel cancel.. can I add another youtube channel to my adsense a/c?

Is your adsense account still okay, can you access it, is it still active? if your adsense account hasn't been banned then you should be able to make another youtube account and link it to your ads... Read More »

How do you make a youtube channel?

First you go to youtube and the top right corner it should have a sign in button click it and then it will bring you to another page where you sign in but above it is a blue button that says someth... Read More »

How to make my YouTube channel big?

Work hard, make entertaining videos,sacrifice a lamb, spread your channel, (but not with comments on random popular videos like "I just started my channel and blah blah blah") oh and never ever sub... Read More »

Can I make a youtube channel for 2 people to use?

Yes you can share your YouTube account with whoever you choose. For two people, consider becoming YouTube partners, so that (at the least) be able to earn money from the ads that are on your channe... Read More »