How to make your teeth cleaner?

Answer Just keep brushing your teeth and try to floss a lot and use mouthwash that's all you can do if u want ur teeth really clean go get a cleaning from your dentist but your doing a pretty good job wit... Read More »

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Why don't my teeth get cleaner?

Tea and coffee are bad, whether you take it black or white. I have drunk tea almost all my life, and my teeth have always had a yellowish or grayish tint to them. Just take a look at one of your ol... Read More »

Can denture cleaner whiten teeth?

Denture cleaner has been known to whiten teeth with regular use. Soaking teeth with denture cleaner, brushing and then rinsing them can help with removing stains. Denture cleaners should have an AD... Read More »

My daughter is 20 and wants her canine teeth lenghtened to make them look "vampire" teeth..what do you think?

She needs to find a dentist willing to do it.Aside from the ethical problems - she'd mess up her bite bad.I had to make a set of fangs for a patient of mine in the play Dracula - she was one of his... Read More »

How do u make ur teeth look like vampire teeth at home?