How to make your own maxi-pads?


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How to Prevent Maxi Pads From Leaking?

Maxi pads may not be fun, but they are necessary. But on top of moodiness, cramping and bloating, you have to worry about your pad leaking and staining your clothes. Here is how you can prevent you... Read More »

I accidently bought scented Always maxi pads, Will this increase a yeast infection?

Easy answer. No. They will not "increase" a yeast infection, and they will not cause or increase your chances of getting one.SOMETIMES, scented feminine products can cause irritations or rashes, i... Read More »

How do I make a maxi dress?

FabricSelect bold and wild print fabric for this sleeveless summer dress. Choose a length of fabric that you can comfortably wrap twice around your body and that rests below your ankles. Buy a spoo... Read More »

What is a rac maxi-tune?

The RAC "Maxi-Tune" Ignition Analyzer was an ignition tester produced in the 1970s. An ignition tester is used to troubleshoot the ignition system in an automobile. According to an article in "Popu... Read More »