How to make your nose look tiny and less crooked with makeup?

Answer you need a stright up matte bronzer and a angled brush and your highlight the bride of the nose go up and down and it makes the nose skinnyer elf bronzeing bronzer for 1$ rimmel london stay matte b... Read More »

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What does it mean when ur nose is crooked?

it's called having a 'deviated septum' and you can either live with it or go see a doctor and have them fix it. lots of guys have nose injuries and never get it fixed, its really not a big deal unl... Read More »

As I get older, my nose gets more and more crooked. What is this?

The shape and appearance of the nose changes a little as you mature. If you have inflammation in your nose, you need to ask the doctor what might cause that. The nose often has bacteria in it, so... Read More »

Should i get cosmetic surgery to alter my crooked nose?

life is short, if it makes you happy to get it fixed, then do it. but if you dont care what people think, let it be. it all comes down to what will make you happy. your thought is the only one that... Read More »

How to Make Your Nose Appear Thinner With Makeup?

If you want to make you nose appear thinner, but you don't want it to be permanent or don't want to spend money on plastic surgeries which may destroy it or make it worse, here is a guide to get th... Read More »