How to make videos hd wats the best software or way to do it ?

Answer If you didn't record/download it in HD you cannot convert a non HD video into HD. However if you record an HD video and want to upload it use windows movie maker. Or if you have the money use sony ... Read More »

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What free software should i use to make videos?

You might try using the program "Virtual Dub", which may be found at: Here is a list of the features: .

Is it possible to take videos with a camcorder and make it look more like a movie Using software?

yaa use imovie, final cut pro, windows movie maker, adobe premier

How to Get Free Videos With No Software?

Need free videos for an iPod? Here's how.

How to Put Internet Videos on Your iPod Without Software?

Ever wonder how to put videos on your iPod sans-software, sans-unreliable and hard to use websites? Here's how.