How to make them stop calling me anoreixc?

Answer nerdy-robotic bit*hes! LOL!!!! Listen, if your doctor says that you are healthy for your age/height/weight then don't worry about it. They are likely just jealous. OR they admire you and want some ... Read More »

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How do you make brothers stop calling you names?

Completely ignore what they say. They'll continue on for a few days, but if you don't let it get to you they won't do it anymore. If they are cruel you might want to be careful though, as they may ... Read More »

Do u prefer txting ppl or calling them?

I do both but I text more than I call people.It cuts out all of the akwardness and having to be polite, you can just go straight to the point.

How can i get rid of ants Not just kill a group of them, but get them to stop coming in.?

Cinnamon will keep them out if you sprinkle it at your door stoop, around window ledges - anywhere they come in. Something in it keeps them at bay. Also, you can try Borax, which kills any thoraxed... Read More »

Do you really think people would stop smoking because you told them its bad for them?

no i do not, that's why i don't tell people that. i just lost my level four account because the same people who come on and say how evil smoking is reported me for actually answering the questions!