How to make the dot in my iris bigger (naturally) !!?

Answer "It makes my eyes uncute" Lmfao..The only thing that can change the "dot" is how much light it let's in.

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How to make your boobs bigger naturally?

Drink milk a lot! Rub them or have a guy rub them I you rub them everyday with your hands or even lotion they will go up a CUP six in about a month. You dant have to get pregnant or wear a padded b... Read More »

How to make ur eyes look bigger naturally?

I love this tutorial. :)good luck…

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Suction bras are proven to work, but they probably hurt and there is some debate over whether they increase your risk of cancer or not. But really, why do you need bigger breasts? Of course guys li... Read More »


okay i know u probably dont want to here this but u dont stop growing til like 21 or sometin plus it happened to my mom over night but lucky for u i know foods and crap k listen good.*rub warm oliv... Read More »