How to make teeth white QUICK!?

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How to make your teeth white?

~From Roman times until the late 19th century, people brushed with urine. It worked well, but the toothpaste companies gave the practice a bad name.

How to make my teeth become white?

You can buy toothpastes that claim to make your teeth whiter or you can go to the dentist and have them professionally bleached. I know it is expensive to have them professionally cleaned,but, they... Read More »

Make my teeth white!!!!!!!!!?

First of all, these are stuff that stains your teeth, try avoiding some, or make sure you brush afterwards.1. Acid content of foods –citrus fruits and all the foods that contain any amount of aci... Read More »

How can i make my teeth more white?

Ok well I had this done one time...It cost money but it worked realy well for me..Ok at the denist they have this thing that whitens your teeth...all it is is a clear mouth piece you put in ur mout... Read More »