How to make swelling on an ant bite go down?

Answer Apply a cold compress of cold peas and the welling will go away. The eye is very sensitive with lots of blood to the area.It will be better tomorrow.

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You had a bug bite that itched and was red when the swelling went down small patch of bumps appeared?

make sure you eat a lot of vitamins from an orange. vitamin c make sure to get lots of rest. and eat chicken soup it is good and who wouldn't eat chicken soup it is awesome and I'm a werewolf don't... Read More »

How can I make the swelling go down.?

It should begin to recede after a few days and be gone within a week, week and a half.Just don't bump it again lol(How nice of your girlfriend lol, she should be pawing at you and your manly epic s... Read More »

How does ice make the swelling go down?

the ice constricts blood vessels in the swollen area and they go down.

Why does an ice pack or a cold item make swelling go down?

it slows the blood from flowing to the sight of the injury