How to make sure my mum doesn't find out i drank here wine HEELP!?

Answer Just act like you didn't do it! Just insinuate that you hate wine and you don't ever want to drink alchol because its unhealthy e.t.c. Good luck hope this helped!

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I drank a bottle of wine, am I drunk?

The entire bottle?A single glass of wine can easily put you over the legal limit. Wine is several times stronger then beer. How does going to jail in handcuffs and getting strip searched sound? Bec... Read More »

Why doesnt anyone here ask wikipedia first?

This is a sort of stepping stone on the way to becoming a good researcher. Sometimes Wikipedia policy and help pages are a bit much. Hopefully, if you ask the question here, someone who understands... Read More »

Why doesnt anyone on here google things?

i agree; refer all idiots to ths page

Have you ever drank Wine from the bottle like it was a beer?

not in over a decade and a half I haven't. that said, I never really like wine. while still a drinker, I was always more of a Canadian Club man...