How to make sure ipod will play mp3?

Answer it is easy. convert the music files first.

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How to Make Sure Your Airsoft Gun Will Not Break?

Here's how to prevent your airsoft gun from breaking.

How can I make sure my babby quintuplets are evil so I will be on the news?

If they are left-handed or have outie bellybuttons, they are already solid with Satan.If not, teach em to use Chapstick brand lip moisturizer. That is the official lip balm of Hell.

If a person has a last will and testament leaving out a child how do you make sure its incontestable?

you get it drawn up by a lawyer who specialises in this area. Another answer:All wills can be contested. If yours explains a specific reason you're excluding a specific child from your estate, and... Read More »

Will an iPod play Rhapsody tracks?

Tracks downloaded from Rhapsody with a Premier or Premier Plus membership cannot be played on an iPod. However, individual MP3 tracks purchased from the Rhapsody MP3 Store at will ... Read More »