How to make sure ipod will play mp3?

Answer it is easy. convert the music files first.

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Can you make an iPod touch 1g play music out loud?

No. It does not have an internal speaker. It can only do small beeps.

Pillow with speakers and plug ipod or mp3 player to it it works but when you plug your android 1.5 phone into the speaker wont play How can you get it to play?

How to Make an iPod Classic Show Videos on an iPod Video Device?

The iPod Classic, unlike the other iPod releases (iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone), does not rely on a touch screen to adjust the settings and select audio/video files, but instead the classic contro... Read More »

My iPod Won't Play Through the Amp in My Car?

An iPod is playable through your car's amp using an auxiliary connection, so if no sound is heard after hooking it up, there is a problem to be discovered. The solution can be simple if you know wh... Read More »