How to make popped pimples heal faster?

Answer I don't get them often, but every now and then I cant stand it and I pop it to try and make it go away faster. The best way that I know of to make the scabs heal faster on their own is to dab some... Read More »

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I popped my pimples and now i have red bumps!! how do i get rid of them! PLEASE?

go to the store and find anti blemish cream. that helps over a period of time. wash ur face every day and use cleanser, don't pop pimples! :O

I popped my pimples too far and now there's ugly marks!?

Ive learned never to pop my pimples unless the white stuff gets real big, looking in the red area of the pimple shows if blood comes out, and trust me if u continue, some of the marks won't go away... Read More »

Anyway to make these heal faster?

Antibiotic ointment will heal them quickly and help avoid a scar.And, please, if you are cutting yourself, talk to an adult you like and trust. My daughter cut for awhile after I had cancer. She's ... Read More »

How to make my cut heal faster?

Buy provodine iodine at the nearest store. Take a napkin or q-tip and cover the whirl woud and every where around it. Also soak the bandaid/bandage with it. It might burn a little but that is it ki... Read More »