How to make pen drive read only?

Answer *for read only:go to command prompt

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How to Change a Seagate Hard Drive From Read Only to Read & Write?

External hard drives like a Seagate are able to work with both Windows and Mac based machines, but in most cases not at the same time. If you usually use your hard drive with a PC, and have suddenl... Read More »

Does Kanguru Flashblu USB Flash Drive have physical writ protection switch to make it read only?

According to the reviews on Amazon, yes this drive has a write lock switch.…excerpt from one review:The one and only reason I purchased this particular fla... Read More »

My Roxio CD RW Drive Won't Read CDs Made With Sonic DVD RW Drive?

Roxio is a CD burning software, capable of writing data to a blank CD-RW. If, however, you are attempting to use a DVD-RW disc you created on a different computer with Sonic (a different CD/DVD bur... Read More »

How to Get a Flash Drive to Read on XP?

Most of the time, all you have to do to get a flash drive to read on a Windows XP-based computer is to plug it into the USB port. A window pops up and asks you what you want to do--play audio, vie... Read More »