How to make pen drive read only?

Answer *for read only:go to command prompt

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How to Change a Seagate Hard Drive From Read Only to Read & Write?

External hard drives like a Seagate are able to work with both Windows and Mac based machines, but in most cases not at the same time. If you usually use your hard drive with a PC, and have suddenl... Read More »

Does Kanguru Flashblu USB Flash Drive have physical writ protection switch to make it read only?

According to the reviews on Amazon, yes this drive has a write lock switch.…excerpt from one review:The one and only reason I purchased this particular fla... Read More »

How do I change a Seagate portable hard drive from read only?

Entering Computer ManagementChange the Seagate portable hard drive from "read only" by reformatting it and correcting file corruption that causes this error. Click on "Start" on your Windows-based ... Read More »

How to Make a File Read Only?

You create a file and put some important things in it; you don't want to lose it by deleting it mistakenly, and for safety reasons want a warning message before deletion (or for any other reason), ... Read More »