How to make myself to drink more water?

Answer i also wanted to drink more water because i never drank it and had bad skin but i got a small 500ml bottle and i refill it throughout the day with tap water and drink it. seriously, when you've got... Read More »

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How much water would I have to drink to drown myself?

I'm not sure if you could drown yourself(well except if you drink enough for it to fill up your esophagus and you accidentally inhale a bunch), but if you drink too much water you can fall into a c... Read More »

How to Drink More Water Without It Being Straight Water?

It's hard enough drinking water and trying to be healthy, but this article can help you disguise water and help you drink more!

How can I drink more water?

Water is something to hard to drink alone. Try with some lemon flavor. Iced tea works too.Just drink filtered water from tap at 3 cents a gallon and add a tiny bit of powder lemonade mix or iced te... Read More »

How to Drink More Water?

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