How to make my profile only subscribe?


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How do i block a profile on facebook to only friends?

Click the Account tab on the upper right-hand corner of any Facebook page, then select Privacy Settings. Click Profile Information. In order to restrict your profile to only friends, you must click... Read More »

Subscribe to my youtube channel if you like make up!?

whoa you're really pretty but i'm not gonna subscribe cuz the lighting was really bad, try filming in front of a window, with no other light! that really will help! and it's good that you have good... Read More »

Subcribe to me on YouTube and i'll subscribe to long as you make videos!?

This "Question" violates the Community Guidelines that you agreed to when you signed up. Please do not spam. And so that I do not also commit an offense, No. There's my answer :D

Is there any way to make a USB flash disk can only be accessed / used in certain computers only?

No but you could encrypt the data on the drive so that you needed a password to get to it.You could try something like TrueCrypt.