How to make my printer print with no color ink, just black?

Answer Try this:1. Click CTRL/P to bring up the printer dialog box.2. Click the Properties button.3. Click the Color tab.4. Select Print in Grayscale.5. Click OK.Hope that helps.

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Can i get my printer to print just black and white?

When you click print, you will get a popup. Click Options or properties and Set colour to black and white. Sorry I cant add more as I have different Printer

Can i get black & white print in color printer?

Of course. Color printers have black and white ink too. That's how you get greys. That's like asking if you can only print out something Orange in a color printer. Sure you can. =)Control + P ... Read More »

Does a printer need color ink in order for it to print in black or at all?

My HP printer won't print color, and I just bought new ink cartridges! Help!?

I recommend you follow the HP instructions here:…If that doesn't work you should consider purchasing a new all-in-one laser color printer for your business.