How to make my mboard support linux?

Answer If a computer can boot a Linux Livecd and got to the operating system in memory, then it is more than likely it can actually be installed. It may require downloading different distributions, burn t... Read More »

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How to Get Support from Your ISP for Linux?

The whole idea of an Internet Service Provider offering support for Linux boils down to their technical support offerings. The way the actual connection to the internet works your operating system ... Read More »

Does a virtual pc support linux?

Microsoft's Virtual PC allows a user to install multiple operating systems on one computer. Microsoft created the program to allow users to run older versions of Windows on a Vista or Windows 7 com... Read More »

32 bit vs. 64 bit linux I have 3gb ram. Support for wireless important.?

As far as 32bit vs. 64bit Linux is concerned, there are issues with a few applications in 64bit Linux (Flash being a pain to install in 64bit). Some 32bit applications will work fine, you just won... Read More »

Does linux support rhapsody music service?

Yes, you can use a computer installed with the Linux operating system to listen to streaming music provided through the Rhapsody music service, which includes more than 6 million songs. However, L... Read More »