How to make my mascara look good?

Answer After putting on your mascara, take an eyelash comb (also known as an eyebrow brush) and comb through your eyelashes. This will separate your lashes and keep them from clumping together. Another tr... Read More »

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Can anybody recommend any good eye make-up and a good mascara?

Clinique is good, it´s very kind on your eyes and works well.

While I can see why women might want to wear make-up to hide their pimple and blemishes, what good is mascara?

It makes your eye bigger and if you have colored eye's it just makes them prettier and more noticeable.

What do you think is a good mascara?

My favorite is maxfactors masterpiece but lately I been using rimmels volume max, it is a comb and is good if you have small lashes because it doesn't clump and is good if you want natural lashes

What is a really good mascara ?

estee lauder.covergirl in the orange, purple, or blue tube.they work really well.