How to make my glasses stronger?

Answer Do you ever feel alone on this planet ?

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Does not wearing your glasses(or contacts) make your eyes stronger or weaker?

I agre with Mrs SSG, wearing or not wearing glasses has no effect on your need for glasses. You might get eye strain and headaches from not wearing them and you willl see better with them.

How do i make my gums stronger?

its a sign of gingivites, its just the begginin , so dont wait till the bones get loose cauze then u cant reverse that, so if they bleed, an look a bit puffy an red, then u need to get them cleaned... Read More »

How to Make My Chest Stronger?

A stronger chest is something that is desired by many men. Basically, when you build the muscles in your chest to become stronger, you will also improve the overall appearance of your chest. Bigger... Read More »

Can you make the heart stronger?

Certainly, the heart is in essence a muscle, and like all muscles it can be made stronger through exercise, specifically cardiovascular exercise in this case, which means essentially any exercise t... Read More »