How to make most being on minimum wage,single, and living in New York City?

Answer I guess the best advice would be to find a higher paying job. Second you probably should move out of the areas where it is nearly impossible to survive on minimum wage due to higher living costs s... Read More »

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What is the minimum age to get an apartment in New York City?

Renting or purchasing an apartment requires a legally bonding contract between the landlord and tenant or seller and buyer. National law requires a person to be at the age of majority, usually 18--... Read More »

How much does a New York City cab driver make?

A full time cab driver in New York City earns around $1,000 per week. Salaries can vary widely depending on how many hours the driver works, bus and train strikes, fluctuations in gas and toll pric... Read More »

How can i make my life fun in new york city?

There's a lot of fun things u could do in NYC. Such as :1)shop at SOHO2)watch a movie at 42ND Street3)dinner and karaoke at Korean town (34Th street)4)pool hall at Brooklyn5)visit Chinatown 6)Broad... Read More »

How can i make money with my own van in new york city?

Check these places: and