How to make kid to focus?

Answer Some people who cannot talk CAN hear. It depends on their particular disability. If a person is born deaf, it can keep them from learning to speak normally, and some people may have other reasons t... Read More »

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Why will the auto focus no longer work on my Nikon N150 It will take if I switch to M Manual focus but only clicks when I try to use Auto Focus?

Nikon stopped producing the D80 in August 2008 as it was replaced by the D90 :)

Is there any way to have no focus (equal focus throughout) on the canon 550d/600d/650d For filming!?

Having no focus would mean nothing in the scene would be in focus. What you want is more depth of field (DOF). Learn about DOF by reading this:…

What Are Some Things That Will Make You Lose Focus?

Maintaining focus is difficult in a world of distractions. A distraction, internal or external, is anything that captures your attention while attempting to concentrate. External distractions, such... Read More »

How to Make Kinesthetic Learners Focus?

Kinesthetic learners can be a challenge in the classroom, as they do not respond well to standard classroom activities such as reading, listening to lectures or watching video. They learn best thro... Read More »