How to make keyboard keys equal different keys?

Answer It's called re-mapping the keyboard. Software is available for that. Google it.

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How to Make Pictures Using Keyboard Keys?

Making pictures on by using a keyboard (also called ASCII art) is easy. You can use it to make cute bunnies, stick figures, and more. Here's how.

What are some funny faces to make with keys on your computer keyboard?

:) B-) :D ;) :'( Emoticon Key Combination

What keys make shapes on the keyboard...for a Windows Laptop?

Hold down ALT and put in a few numbers in in the number pad, eg:ALT + 0178 = ²Alternatively you can go Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map for a big list of them all

Will the insurance company pay for a vehicle that is stolen while the keys are in it or running with the keys in it?

%REPLIES% Answer I've heard of some carriers attempting to include language in their policies for this sort of thing, where coverage is excluded if the vehicle is left running and/or the keys are l... Read More »