How to make it so only friends can message you on facebook?

Answer it's already set up that way by default, but it's on the contact privacy page as shown here…

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Can people see your message that you sent them on Facebook if you are not friends with them?

When you view your message that you sent him and there is a message in gray saying ''✓ seen xx:xx'' then he has seen your message, but hasn't replied back. If it doesn't say ''✓ seen xx:xx'', ... Read More »

Facebook help - damn message won't let me add my friends?

I'd try waiting a bit and trying again later. It could just be a malfunction with Facebook.

How do you send a message to all youe friends on facebook?

four methods1)go to my friends, create a new friend list, add all your friends, then go to inbox, new message, add your friend list or2) go to notes, type all your friends names3) go to inbox, new ... Read More »

I wanna send a babysitting ad to my friends on fb in a message, does this message look good?

It looks good, except that you need to include what you will or won't provide ie - meals provided, parents provide meals and snacks, parents provide diapers, wipes, etc. Do you have an age range y... Read More »