How to make home made alcohol?

Answer Ingredients:1. Water2. Yeast3. Powdered Sugar (Confectioners Sugar)4. And an airtight container to put it in (mason jars work well get the pint sized ones with the lids they come in a 12 pack and c... Read More »

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Will the mixture I made make alcohol?

Science says it will.Yeast and sugar is all you really need.Although the results won't be that good, yeast formed on flour is not used to make wine.Wine makers use a different kind of yeast to make... Read More »

Ho can you make home made Potpourri or something to keep your home scented?

I grow a fragrance garden which has flowers that are highly scented and I dry them. You can hang bunches upside down and leave them that way or break them apart to put in bowls and containers. I ... Read More »

Is the holy water alcohol made of alcohol?

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