How to make hair grow longer faster NATURALLY?

Answer I am a pro at getting long healthy hair as fast as possible! My trick? Do absolutely no heat styling to it and no dying. It took me half a year to get my hairs health completely back, but about a y... Read More »

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How to Make My Hair Grow Longer & Faster Naturally?

If you want to grow your hair long as quickly as possible, there are some measures you can take to encourage and support the process naturally. The decision to grow your hair out is a commitment; p... Read More »

How to Make Hair Grow Faster and Longer?

If you love the look of long hair, you may be anxious to find ways to make your hair grow faster. Unfortunately your genetic makeup determines how fast your hair can grow, usually between six to ei... Read More »

How can I make my hair grow faster and longer?

Well if you can get your parents to drive you to the store or maybe they can just pick some up for you.....there is a hair shampoo and conditioner (also other products to go along as well) called N... Read More »

How to make my hair grow longer, faster?

To make it grow faster I flip my hair upside down with your head to the floor and brush my hair that way, twice a day, because the blood goes to your head and stimulates your scalp. Also put condit... Read More »