How to make google our home page please i really need help?

Answer Go to Tools (located at top of screen) then under tools click options.once in options, you'll see it say homepage under it you'll see a white box w/ some website in it, backspace the website and ty... Read More »

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My home page keeps changing into and I am being bombarded with porn web sites. Need help?

anti virus , anti virus , anti virus !!!!

How do I set google as my home page (like the page when you open up your google chrome)?

At the top right corner of chrome, you should see a wrench. Click it and select settings. It should bring up a new window and you should see a section "on startup". Select the "open a specific o... Read More »

Really need help on dieting! Really important! PLEASE HELP?

Check out the get in shape program link below. Make sure you eat food but watch your portions.

I really need help with my phone please please please?

maybe your phone have an auto set that all your message that u send has sent.. the problem maybe his signal low.. or maybe your phone got problem..