How to make dried seaweed into powder?

Answer What I do for the Nori seaweed sheets is mix it with other things like sesame seeds, chili flakes, dried garlic slices and grind it in my coffee grinder I use for spices, they cost only a few dolla... Read More »

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How much does dried seaweed cost?

1) You want toasted seaweed sheets or nori sheets for sushi or onigiri. Dried seaweed is NOT what you need; those were used for dashi or soups or seaweed salad.2) The cost will vary by brand and qu... Read More »

Is eating dried seaweed dangerous?

On One Hand: A Health BonanzaDried seaweed is highly nutritious. It is not dangerous. In fact, according to Teruko Arasaki and Sebin, authors of the book "Vegetables from the Sea," seaweed contains... Read More »

Dried Edible Seaweed Varieties?

Traditional Western cuisine doesn't treat seaweed as a common food, but it has been a part of Asian cuisine since ancient times. The original method of preparing seaweed---leaving it out to dry, th... Read More »

Uses of Seaweed Powder?

Seaweed powder is a nutrient rich product that has numerous applications and health benefits. Seaweed powder is created from dried seaweed, a substance that is known to be rich in antioxidants.