How to make cow foot stew (Jamaican recipe)?

Answer Ok, here goes. Here are two recipes for Cow Foot stew, note that the cow's feet need to be chopped and cleaned prior to cooking, maybe that will help.............Jamaican Cow foot 3 lbs. Cow's fee... Read More »

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Jamaican oxtail recipe?

OXTAIL RECIPEINGREDIENTS:Serves: 42 lbs. (1 kg.) oxtail1/4 cup oil5 cups water2 tomatoes, chopped2 onions, chopped1 clove garlic, chopped1 sprig thyme3 slices hot pepper2 cans of broad beansSaltBro... Read More »

Basic recipe for dumpling stew?

You can't make stew without meat or vegetables or shortening. You can use dumplings in any stew recipe or cook them in any liquid though chicken or beef broth would be best. Top a tuna casserole ... Read More »

I need a recipe for home made beef stew?

I prefer just a very simple beef stew. Place cut meat on a casserole (or a pressure cooker) with sufficient water, add a medium size onion, few heads of crushed garlic, black pepper and salt. Addin... Read More »

Can i get a qick, small scale beef stew recipe?

It depends on how you want your beef stew to turn out.If you like a brothy beef stew, kind of like a soup, then try adding water and beef bouillon cubes. Use about one bouillon cube per cup of wate... Read More »