How to make a year old vista fast?

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How to Make Vista Fast With Vistalite?

Windows Vista is often considered to be inefficient and too taxing on older computers, but many still want to take advantage of its fancier features and updated operating system overall. That's wh... Read More »

I'm a 15 year year old girl. when ever i get nervous my heart starts beating like really fast, what to do?

It sounds like a mild anxiety. I suffer from it so badly my heart skips beats, so I understand how scary it can be. Normally walking away from a nervous situation, or sitting down and taking long... Read More »

Fast computer went slow, how can i make it fast again?

you might have some sort of spyware or a virus. try running anti-spyware programs and im sure you will find a lotta stuff. What I would do is back everything on a dvd or a ext hard drive and format... Read More »

How fast does hair grow per year?

Hair grows at approximately one-half inch per month or 6 inches in a year. As a person ages, hair growth usually slows, sometimes to as little as 0.1 inches per month. A healthy diet adequate in ir... Read More »