How to make a tv get sound without a picture?

Answer Let's see ....adjust the brightness......put a towel or blanket over the screen....turn the TV towards the wall......get a radio that includes TV stations...

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No picture or sound on westinghouse lcd tv heard loud pop then no picture or sound?

happened to me, mine was the power supply shorting against the chassis. somehow it seems that the power supply board shifted when moving the tv. It is easy to remove but finding a cheap replacement... Read More »

Is the picture and sound on Blu-Ray discs any better towards the picture and sound on DVD?

oh yes there much better, but i still think there a bit pricey at the mo give it a few more months then you'll find a better deal..

Dish network hd40-310 monitor Power comes on then makes funny sound and turns right back off without displaying any picture Any ideas how to fix it?

If you get your local channels, yes. Super Bowl XLIV is scheduled to be broadcast on CBS.

How to Make a PC Sound Better Without Speakers?

The quality of a computer's audio output is partially determined by its speakers and partially determined by your sound card. When upgrading speakers is not an option, increase the sound quality of... Read More »