How to make a swastika using my keyboard?

Answer With Windows:1) Alt-code method:It is situated in alt code:卍 - 534D in hexadecimal (21235 in decimal)卐 - 5350 in hexadecimal (21328 in decimal)Press and hold alt and type in the decimal value ... Read More »

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Make "swastika" symbol w/ computer keyboard?

How do you make a keyboard come up on your monitor without using a keyboard to do it?

Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessability > On-Screen keyboard

How do you make all of the symbols using a keyboard?

The easiest way to make special symbols using a keyboard is with Character Map! (found under Start--->Accessories--->System Tools)Since you asked for a list, here you go: Read More »

How to Make A Cat Using Your Keyboard?

This guide will show you how to make a cute little cat that you can use in comments and everywhere on the net.