How to make a sunburn signifigantly fade overnight?

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Sunburn to a tan overnight?

every time I get a sunburn it turns into a tan overnight; but I am also full Italian and my skin gets dark and hardly burns. It depends mainly on your skin type how and when it'll heal, but putting... Read More »

How to cure a sunburn overnight?

Dink a lot of water,DO NOT USE LOTION.take a cold bath for about ten minutes and put vinegar in the water,all that should help with the make it less red you need to: put sunblock on the... Read More »

What's the best way to get a sunburn on your face to fade quickly?

The best and quickest way is to massage as thoroughly as you are able with olive oil. It is a natural healer contains many essential nutrients that heal and restore and is a perfect natural moistur... Read More »

How can I stop unbearable sunburn itching Is hydrocortisone cream bad for sunburn?

For a quick fix before you do yourself any permanent injury, place an ice cube on the burn and move it around. The shock of the cold will stop the itch dead. Be warned though, this only works as lo... Read More »