How to make a sunburn go away?

Answer I know you don't like aloe vera, but get some with lidocaine in it, like Solarcaine. The lidocaine numbs your skin a bit to take the pain of it away so it doesn't hurt during the day with purses, s... Read More »

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How can I stop unbearable sunburn itching Is hydrocortisone cream bad for sunburn?

For a quick fix before you do yourself any permanent injury, place an ice cube on the burn and move it around. The shock of the cold will stop the itch dead. Be warned though, this only works as lo... Read More »

How do i make a sunburn go away faster?

I know that you've probably heard the aloe vera thing A LOT...believe me...but it really does help if you keep reapplying it. If you store it in the fridge, it can give you more of a relief when yo... Read More »

Does milk make sunburn go away?

No, plain yoghurt does. Its an old recipe the mediterrean countries use for sun burn.But it wont go away. The skin needs time to grow back.Aloe vera is good too.

What can you put on a sunburn to make it go away fast?

As a fair skinned child, I'd get sun burned A LOT. My mom would make up a corn starch and water paste and put it on the burn. It'd dry out and flake off. But the burn would be gone in no time, and ... Read More »