How to make a not-so-white t-shirt white again?

Answer Bleach can be hard on any fabric, especially an older T-shirt. Try "Bluing" instead of bleach. It's an old-fashioned cleaning agent--my mother used to rinse all of the white clothes in liquid bluin... Read More »

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How do I get the ring-around-the-collar off my white dress shirt and make it white again?

soak the shirt in chlorox bleach for 20 minutes in your washing maching, about a half a cup, then continue washing.

Does this match a white shirt, dark blue jeans, and a white headband with black dots?

How to Make a Skeleton With a White T-Shirt?

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If I want to dye a shirt purple, should I go with a white or dye a red shirt blue to make purple?

why not just buy a purple shirt? Dying is messy and usually cant get the shade you want, htey tend to fade.