How to make a left turn at at intersection Not an arrow green, just regular green?

Answer In many jurisdictions it is illegal to enter an intersection unless you can proceed all the way through it. I take that to mean that you should not pull up into the intersection and then stop and ... Read More »

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Can you turn right on an advanced green left turn while the other intersection has it I hope this makes sense?

Do you mean the traffic directly across from you, or the traffic driving perpendicular to you?If it's the traffic directly across from you, then yeah you can, but it's rude if there are lots of car... Read More »

You got hit by unlicensed driver while making left turn on green arrow whose at fault?

Answer The driver that hit you. Answer Not knowing all the circumstances, the unlicensed driver would be at fault in the driving aspect, and in the fact that he/she should not have been on the road... Read More »

How to Make a Green Bow and Arrow?

You want to make a bow and arrow the easy way? Make it out of Green Wood! It's easy, great for a survival situation, and fun to use!

If a truck that has a green Yield For Left Turn suddenly turns in front of you and you hit the truck who is at fault?

Answer it is the truck that terned in frount of you criminal justice student