How to make a homemade fingerprint reader?

Answer Identification kits which contain fingerprint cards can be purchased, but you can just as easily make them at home. With the homemade cards, you can include more information and even include a phot... Read More »

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Fingerprint Reader Types?

Fingerprinting has long been used as one of the most reliable means of identification. Even identical twins who share DNA have unique fingerprints allowing one to be distinguished from the other. F... Read More »

How do I use a Dell fingerprint reader?

Initial Setup and UseClick the fingerprint icon. Enter your Windows password and click "Next." Test the reader by running the tip of one finger over the device. Keep your finger as flat as possible... Read More »

How to Connect a Fingerprint Reader?

A fingerprint reader is a security device that requires users to verify their fingerprint in order to access a computer system. It can be used instead of a password, or in combination with one. The... Read More »

What is a fingerprint reader on a laptop?

A fingerprint reader on a laptop represents a type of biometric technology. Biometric applications provide a method of identity verification through the use of physical characteristics, such as fin... Read More »