How to make a facebook page stop posting video links on your behalf?

Answer you need to also block the app that is associated with that pagego to your list of apps, find the app in question, and remove ityou gave it permission to post as you when you liked the page

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How to make twitter stop posting to facebook?

Choose one twitter message or tweet posted in your facebook wall and click the "X" button located at the upper right of that tweet/message and you can see 3 options there upon clicking the "X"1. Re... Read More »

I hate the new “Timeline” on Facebook. How can I stop it from posting every move I make?

As with anything you do on line, you must know and implement your privacy settings! Make everything private and nothing will post. Just be careful because if your friends don't do this, you will ... Read More »

Can Posting Google Ads/Links make you money?

If it does, you will most likely have to work at it and I'm guessing you are asking because you just want to set it up and forget about it and rake in the cash. Right?

How to Import Links on Your Facebook Fan Page?

When you are trying to drum up interest in your latest business, venture or product online, a Facebook fan page is a must. A Facebook fan page is a Facebook profile dedicated to your company or pro... Read More »