How to make a decision support system using microsoft excel 'what-if analysis' ?

Answer I just did a quick search using Google on the following text, exactly as it is entered below: decision support system using Microsoft excel "what-if analysis"What I got back were several web pages... Read More »

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How to Make a Decision Using a Quantitative Scoring System?

Life involves making a lot of decisions. In fact, one of the decisions you have to make right now is "Should I finish reading this whitepaper or shouldn't I?"So why not learn to make the best decis... Read More »

How do I make a form using Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel 2003Open an Excel spreadsheet and create headings in the first row. Fill in any formulas. Highlight the cells by clicking on a corner cell and dragging to the opposite corner cell. ... Read More »

How to Make Tables Using Microsoft Excel?

In addition to its other spreadsheet features, Microsoft Excel offers you the ability to essentially create mini-spreadsheets within its pages. Known as lists in Excel 2003 and as tables in Excel 2... Read More »

How to Run Regression Analysis in Microsoft Excel?

Regression analysis can be very helpful for analyzing large amounts of data and making forecasts and predictions. To run regression analysis in Microsoft Excel, follow these instructions.