How to make a camera archive folder with pictures on mac?

Answer You need to figure out how to ask this question. I'm sure you don't simply mean to ask "How to make a folder".To make a folder, open a Finder window, and press shift command N. You're done.

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How do you download pictures from my camera and hold them in a folder?

If you are on a PC (windows) If your camera has a memory stick you should connect it using a USB. Hopefully your camera should have come with one of these :) if not you can buy them easilly off eB... Read More »

How do I back up an archive folder in Outlook?

Even though the Archive Folders in Outlook display as several folders, the data in them (your old email messages) is saved in a single Outlook PST file, usually named "Archive.pst." It's a good ide... Read More »

I restored the pictures but still theres no pictures!!please help it says "this folder is empty!"?

Free software called Recuva works well.'t add any new files to that computer otherwise you might over write the files you want back.

How do I get pictures from my scanner into "My pictures folder"?

Depending on where the pictures are saved, you'll have to open the folder that they're in and the My Pictures folder. Make both folders small enough on your screen so that you can see both. Drag th... Read More »