How to make a brochure using openoffice draw?

Answer If you want to create a trifold brochure, you might try using OpenOffice Writer instead.Here's what to do in Writer to set the page up.1. Start a new document.2. Go to the Format Menu and choose Pa... Read More »

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What is openoffice draw?

Microsoft Office is the most popular office productivity suite, and it can prove expensive to install in large companies. A free alternative is the OpenOffice Suite, which includes applications for... Read More »

How to Open Openoffice 3.0 Files on a Computer Without Openoffice 3.0?

Oops. You forgot to save your OpenOffice writer file into Microsoft Office format, something all to easy to forget to do. With this guide, you can straighten out your troubles without fear.

How to Make a PDF Brochure?

You can create Portable Document Format (PDF) files by converting documents from different file formats. PDFs are commonly used to electronically transfer files to others or do commercial printing.... Read More »

Ways to Make a Brochure?

A brochure can be as simple as a folded piece of paper or it can be of intricate design with special designs printed on high-gloss paper stock. No matter how simple or intricate the design, the ove... Read More »