How to make a CURLY perm back to being straight?

Answer I have naturally curly hair and whenever I repeatedly use a flat iron (i mean when i straighten my hair every few days for a few weeks) my curls start to get straight.

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How to Get Hair Back to Straight After a Perm?

Because the chemicals remain in your hair until it grows out, the only way to eliminate a perm completely is to cut off the treated hair. Chopping off your precious locks, however, is probably not ... Read More »

Why is the back of my hair wavy straight but when it gets to my bangs it's all curly ?

The weight of the longer hair is pulling the waves out. The bangs are shorter, therefore the don't have the weight to pull them down, and stays curly.

How to Make a Straight Perm Last Longer?

The straight perm -- a Japanese hair-straightening process also known as thermal reconditioning -- can keep your hair stick-straight for up to 12 months, if properly cared for. Because long-term st... Read More »

How to Make My Shorter Hair Curly Without Using a Perm or Curlers?

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side, and when it comes to natural hair styles, nothing seems to be more representative of the truth. Women with curly hair envy those with st... Read More »