How to make STARBUCKS Passion Tea Lemonade?

Answer What you need:Passion teaLemonadeClassic SyrupPassion tea can be bought by the box at Starbucks as well as classic syrup (just tell a barista that you want some, we sell it at my location for $6.95... Read More »

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Is there still Raspberry passion iced tea lemonade at starbucks and is that how i would order it?

Yes, there is!You basically can put your order like this:______(size) Passion Tea Lemonade, with raspberry syrup.There is a default syrup added to this beverage, which is a classic plain syrup. But... Read More »

What does the passion tea at Starbucks taste like?

Omg you should taste the Passion Ice Tea Lemonade. I'm serious it's sooooooooo good! and it's one of my fav; my other favorite is the strawberries and creme frap

Is Passion tea with "Thai walls" available at every Starbucks?

No they only do passion tea just asked them

What is the recipe for Iced Tea Lemonade from Starbucks?

Brew the passion tea strong (double strength) make sure to chill it or leave it out to room temp. so the ice doesn't melt when you mix it. mix one third tea one third lemonaid and we use classic sy... Read More »