How to make 2 seperate webpages read the same cookie using Javascript?

Answer It is nothing more than a text file, so you should be able to access it and read the values therein.Or you could just have a single web page that changes what is displayed depending on what is goin... Read More »

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Fire Fox will stop opening up webpages Please Read the whole question?

Most likely its a faulty add-on. Go to tools... add-ons and disable all of them and try again. The likely culprit is AVG Firefox search bar. First thing to do is get rid of AVG. Check its rating... Read More »

How do you make multiple windows of the same program appear seperate in the taskbar?

Go to Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Taskbar and Start Menu. Then click on the drop-down menu next to "Taskbar Buttons: " and select "Never combine".

How to Make a Retractable Div Using Javascript?

Javascript is a client-side scripting language that enables you to add interactive elements to your Web pages. If you have one page that contains a lot of data in different sections or Divs, use Ja... Read More »

How to Prevent Cookie Dough from Sticking when Cutting Cookie Shapes?

Not all cookie doughs respond well to the cookie cutter. Sometimes the cutters keep getting stuck in the dough and the perfect outline is ruined. If this problem is happening to you, use this simpl... Read More »