How to lose fat on the entire body?

Answer Actually I am concerned about what has happened with your shape. If you are being honest to yourself - about how little you eat, yet gained very much weight - then I think you should see your docto... Read More »

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What causes knots of various sizes on the head and body a dime-sized rash on the entire body and hoarseness in the voice?

Possible Allergic Reaction It could be you are allergic to something. Go see your Doctor and/or an Allergist. Knots on the head and dime-sized rash on the body sounds exactly like hives, or urtic... Read More »

Back pain/entire body numb?

I pray you have gone to see an orthopedic surgeon.....or the E.R. When you have THAT kind of pain and also numbness you need to see a professional ASAP. Numbness like that can be permanent . ... Read More »

Is entire body aching sign of pregnancy?

I couldn't move my entire body for 4 days and I think something might be wrong?

It could be due to neuroparalysis. You need to consult a neurologist.