How to loose your voice?

Answer I want to skip school too.But their is no way you can really lose your voice that fast unless you scream. Sorry. Try to fake sick. So much easier.

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How to loose your voice asap?

I dont know. But I have no vocal training, so when I sing it tends to hurt my throat- but let me tell you, when a good song comes on the radio- in my car- or something- there is no holding me back... Read More »

Is it possible to make your voice sound like the voice over in Halo?

Yes, it is possible. There are many voice manipulation applications that may be downloaded from the Internet, and several are FREE. Just do a quick Google search for the following keywords: voi... Read More »

What is type of device u use to analyze your regular voice into the chipmunk's voice?

The right way to do this is to double the frequency of the audiio. Speeding up the tape will do this also, but the rate of speech also increases by 2. If you double the frequency you get the high... Read More »

Voice Generator that Changes Your Voice?

Use the free text to speech website